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October 14, 2010

Remarkable Benefits of Babywearing

What happens to your baby in a Baby Sling?

Research supports our instinctive understanding that babies need to be held.

Babies who are carried cry less - up to 51% according to studies - & have decreased levels of stress hormone in their blood streams.

Carried babies have more regular respiratory rate, heart rate & a more stable body temperature.Being carried improves sleep patterns, with babies falling asleep more quickly, more soundly & for longer periods.

Babywearing improves infants’ digestion & has been shown to reduce the symptoms of colic and reflux.

Carried babies have advanced motor skills because their vestibular system in their brain is stimulating by the person carrying them. This means carried babies will already have begun to acquire balance & muscular development before they start to crawl & walk.

Babies who are held gain weight better, & nurse better.

Babywearing improves parent-baby bonding, allowing parents to be more aware and responsive to their baby’s needs. Babywearing can reduce the risk of depression.

Carried babies are up where they can hear & see adult interaction & activity which promotes cognitive and language development. Babies that are in carriers speak earlier and have more advanced speech.

Baby wearing helps mothers to strengthen muscles and ligaments which have been stretched or weakened by pregnancy.

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