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April 29, 2010

Mommy melt Down

Forgot my sling when I took James, now 10 mths, to the pediatrician today and was I ever frustrated! What a chore trying to hold him in my arms in the waiting room and then while I went to the washroom ( going to the washroom with him in the sling is like you don’t even have a kid compared to what I had to go through )... OH MY GOODNESS, have you ever tried holding a wild ninja baby in your arms and trying to use the washroom an then get yourself put back together, all the while, trying to not put them on the disgusting floor or let them touch Anything?! In with the Dr was the worst. Now he’s bored a squirming. I was exhausted after and then had to carry him in my arms, which felt like they were going to fall off, all the way back to the car. Insane! Of course I had taken the stroller out of the car earlier or at least I could have used that, although he wont stay in that happily for long. I’m not sure what people do without slings for 10 mth old wild babies, but it was not fun!

No more mommy melt downs!

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