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February 27, 2010

Just a few hours old.

Baby James itty bitty, just a few hours old. Me after 16hrs of hair raising labour - my arms hurt and I felt like my entire body had been used for a punching bag for 16 hrs. I remember wondering why face and scalp hurt so much! I needed help to walk down our stairs and my arms were too weak to hold James. This surprisingly didn’t go away for days, and I remember feeling so grateful to be able to hold him in the sling when he was crying or I wanted to snuggle him. I knew I couldn't hold him in my arms for long, and it felt so strange to leave him in another room for long after he had been part of my body for so long. It was so nice for me to be able to make that adjustment with my daughter as she realized how much of mommy was not hers any more. At least when I put him in the sling, I could tell that to her it didn't seem like I was constantly holding him -between- me and her, and at times she didn’t notice that I was holding him at all, snuggled down in the sling in the cradle hold -especially since I was able to help her with both hands. Helping her with both hands for all those things I was used to doing for her like go potty or swing on the swing was something I wouldn’t have been able to do at all if I was just holding him in my arms. I felt like it eased that first bit of time that can be so awkward, and helped to bring some peace and normal times into our days. I felt like when I put Him in the baby sling everyone was happier.

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