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January 9, 2008

I must be crazy

We have decided to try and have another baby. We were waiting till Hailey started sleeping a little better - better meaning waking less than 10 times a night, or at least not waking screaming like she is being tortured. She's now 27 mths and I think she is just that kind of child and that it's not going to change anytime soon. so unless I want to have another when shes' 5 and I'm pushing 40 then it's now or never. I think if we keep waiting we will get to comfortable going out of the baby years and then we will have missed the boat.

So somehow I am going to pull of having 4 hrs a night sleep, and also being tired from pregnancy, and Oh ya Hailey not having naps. I imagine all these scenarios of how I will manage Hailey getting up 10 times a night and new baby getting up all night. maybe the new baby will be the one to sleep through the night!! LOL

The thing that I actually find most hard sometimes is that no one I know has a child like this. I hope that she grows out of it one day - maybe before the baby is born!

Ya, I must be crazy.

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