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January 1, 2008

How Long Can a Person Not Sleep ??

Hailey doesn't sleep. At 27mths this is nothing new to me now. She wakes at least 8 times a night, and has decided to drop her naps I think. I've tried driving her to sleep for her naps and holding her while she gets mad and finally takes a nap by passing out from being held and mad.

I'm thinking of trying to wear her to sleep. I used to when she was little, but haven't for a while partly because she's such a light sleeper and if I wear her to sleep then I can't get her off with out waking her. Also, when she napped even though it was only for a hr Id try to finally work - like a mad woman for an hr.

maybe I'll just try wearing her down and then be really quiet while she sleeps. She's up so much at night I think she's sleep depraved and I want her to have a nap.

the pediatricians and allergists don't' seem to be giving em any help, so back to the baby carrier.

Oh, speak of the devil there she is waking up! Gotta Go

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