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December 28, 2007

An email like this !

After crazy work days at home with a toddler, long nights, and feeling like the days just all run together and that there is just nothing left but work and baby - I get an email like this and it makes it all seem worth it!

"We LOVE our Hug Of Joy sling!! It has definately been an essential piece of baby gear for our baby boy. At 4 weeks old Brayden has slept countless hours tucked inside his gorgeous carrier and I have managed to get so much done with both hands free - even more important with my preschooler needing my attention throughout the day! I love the custom fit because it hangs right where I want it to hang and it's incredibly comfortable for both of us. Not only are we loving it's function, but it looks fabulous, sleek and modern! People are commenting on it every time we're out and about. I also love that it's reversible.. I actually feel like I can coodinate it to what I'm wearing! Thank you for such a great product and terrific service. Both can be hard to come by these days. Warmly, Mandy, Chuck, Lynden & Brayden "

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