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September 5, 2007

wanted to mention this about Hailey's drinks. Hailey has juice (watered down by half) because she's such a frequent nurser (every 15 min - shes' 22 mths) and wouldn't take water. Well I have a friend that's a dental hygienist, and I was chatting with her about fluoride and drinks and cavities and told her about Hailey's juice. She said that having juice is the same a giving them a pop - same amount of sugar. The worst part is that the way that they drink out of a Sappy Cup causes the cavities, as they suck the liquids is pole don the roof of the mouth and shot back against the inside of the top front teeth, and this is where the cavities grow ( really hard to even see the inside of the top front ones! ) Plus it would just be a slightly lighter shade of white as the cavity is growing ( how would you ever be able to see this)

She said if you have to give them juice give it out of a regular cur so it doesn't hit against the top teeth. she said really though try not to give juice.

So needless to say Hailey is not getting any more juice, which is causing a lot of problems and I hope she'll take to water. I tried the other options water with stavia, herb tea. She met both with "yuck" and "wash my mouth! wash my mouth! " So she's nursing A LOT, and I'm telling her to try her water. I'm hoping she'll drink it. I'm putting ice cubes in it because worm water really is yucky, and she's used to cold apple juice. I really don't want her to grow up always needing something sweet to drink. So I'm sticking to the water - if you have any good tips I'd love to hear them!

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